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Undie Awards & Moda Preview

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Our 2014 Undie Awards from HerRoom are here! Parfait “Charlotte” took home the “Favorite Push-Up Bra” Award, while Affinitas “Allison” snagged the “Select Average T-shirt Bra” Award. These beauties definitely reflect on the hard work performed at Affinitas. Thank you, HerRoom! It’s … Continue reading

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Cupcake Panty Scholarship

Cupcake Panty is saving the world one student at a time! Affinitas has partnered with HerCampus to help college girls survive the back-to-school chaos. All around the world, 240 HerCampus chapters will receive a free delivery of our “Super Bakers Dozen” (16) Cupcake Panties inside their Hercampus survival kits! Who doesn’t need fresh panties when starting off the new school year?

Aside from the “Super Bakers Dozen” HerCampus delivery, we are lecturing all college girls about the Cupcake Panty $1000 scholarship. Take out a pen and paper to jot down some notes on how to win this scholarship… and a “super baker’s dozen” Cupcake Panty special delivery to your home!  Only three steps required for this sweet give-away!


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A New Mani and Parfait’s “Odette”

As much as the Affinitas team excites from releasing a new collection, we know that there is a toll to pay before any new adventure. That includes sending out massive amounts of samples, preparing for Curve, and packing up 1500 inserts and catalogs! Oh, the joy. It’s completely worth the paper cuts (and new mani) when we finally get to see the outcome of it all- that includes receiving feedback and reactions from you all!

Cupcake Panty recently made an appearance at the HerCampus National Intercollegiate Conference last week, where 7 raffle winners took home a “super baker’s dozen” Cupcake Panty box. Now the panty is moving to New York City to help host an event with Best of Intima! We’ve been creating quite the goody bags of the year for the attendees!

BlogPost 2


In other news, have you read our Parfait “Odette” babydoll review from Lingerie Stylist?

“In summary, I am really pleased with this flattering Parfait Odette set. It’s something I can wear in the boudoir with full confidence that I am supported, lifted and skimmed over in all the right places. The style of this set has an understated elegance that looks chic in the bedroom without ‘trying too hard’ and I am sure I am going to get plenty of use from it in nights to come!”



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Affinitas and Parfait Spring/Summer 2015 Collection Trailer

Drum roll, please. Ladies and gentlemen, Affinitas Spring/Summer 2015 behind-the-scenes photoshoot video- starring Natalia Burlich. For the third season, Ashley Schultz represents Parfait by Affinitas for spring/summer 2015.

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HerCampus Wears A Cupcake

Cupcake Panty made a SWEET appearance at the HerCampus National Intercollegiate Conference over the weekend! Boy, were we the talk of the town! Young college ladies raved about the Cupcake Panty and its’ adorable packaging that was found inside their goodie bags via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Three girls also took home a “super bakers” dozen Cupcake Panties after winning an Affinitas raffle- definitely the “cherry on top”! Check out what our future female entrepreneurs shared on social media:


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New panty line release, new catalogs and new collection- oh, my!

New panty line release, new catalogs and new collection- oh, my! Everyone has been raving about the new Cupcake Panty and it’s finally here! In fact, this fun panty will be making its’ debut at the HerCampus Intercollegiate Conference this weekend, where young ladies pursuing a college degree in business/communications will bond in workshops and seminars- and, of course, take home a “cupcake” of their very own! Six lucky winners will win a “super baker’s dozen” which consists of 16 Cupcake Panties packaged ready for college! Stay tuned for pictures and more news on next week’s e-newsletter!

Cupcake Panty Model2 RGB







This past weekend, Affinitas’ managers from around the world had a rendezvous in the city of love, Paris, for Mode City to promote our new Spring/Summer 2015 collection. If you missed last week’s sneak peek, you can check out our previous blog. Speaking of Spring/Summer 2015, we got a special delivery today. The catalogs have arrived!

unnamed (1)

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Sneak Peek: Affinitas 2015 Collection

Happy Tuesday, everyone! We’re all counting down the seconds to our three day weekend, here at Affinitas. Last week and to this very day/hour/minute, the marketing department has been preparing for U.K. trade shows Moda and Mode City: boxes of sample pieces being shipped, catalogues being sent to print and creating posters- just to name a few of our daily projects. Since we’re taking every moment to perfect the 2015 collection launch, we, of course, couldn’t help but to give you all a sneak peek! After all, why should our hard work be kept a secret? Lingerie Insight did us a favor and leaked out a few of our favorite pictures, including Affinitas “Nicole” recolor in floral print. May I present to you our Affinitas Spring/Summer 2015 collection (Parfait coming soon)!

olga nadia nicole


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No Pictures, Please

Last week was definitely press week at Affinitas! We were asked to take part in a luxurious photoshoot with Arsenic the Magazine, “Danielle” was reviewed by All’s Fair in Love and Lingerie and Parfait “Charlotte” won best push-up bra in 2014 by HerRoom!

We received an unexpected phone call from Arsenic the Magazine to take part in a next-day photoshoot promoting, not only our lingerie, but Brachelle Jewelry. The models were covered in head to toe with glistening diamonds, as they slipped into Affinitas and Parfait to strike a pose. Models featured were Jaclyn Swedberg wearing Parfait “Tamara” and Sarah stage in Affinitas “Nicole”.  The pictures were a tease, and left us wanting  more. We can’t wait to see the feature!

photoshoot photoshoot2 photoshoot3







We all love Parfait “Danielle”, so it was no surprise to hear that the 60s-inspired style received a perfect score from the lingerie blog All’s Fair in Love and Lingerie“If I had to describe Daniel in one word, it would be ‘sturdy,’” said the blogger. In case you haven’t read the review, here’s a summary why the blogger is head-over-heels for “Danielle”:

-          Danielle scored major points for offering buttons, instead of bows

-          Elegant lace along the edge of the cups

-          Soft and “REALLY nice to look at”

-          A true logline than anything the blogger has trusted thus far

danielle 2 danielle








“Danielle” is fancy, but have you met Parfait “Charlotte”? Last week, she was ranked best push-up bra by HerRoom! “Charlotte” is our best-seller that continues to come i na range of colors- purple wine/black just released! Affinitas “Allison” was also recognized as a select t-shirt bra.


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Hollywood Filming and Generation Beauty

Happy hump day, ladies and gents! Affinitas was all over Los Angeles, last week. From Hollywood and Vine filming our campaign videos to Downtown L.A. for Generation Beauty!


If you follow us on Instagram, you met Monse, our campaign host, as she interviewed a few tourists and  Angelenos strolling the “Walk of Fame” for Affinitas’ #StopBranogamy and Parfait’s #EndBoobCruelty campaign.  We asked real women, like yourselves, for real answers. “How often do you change your bra?” and “Does your bra ever leave strap marks behind?”

You’ll be surprised by how many women were wearing the wrong bra size, or how much men actually pay attention to lingerie! Stay tuned on Affinitas social media for this special “documentary”!




affini manaffinman2

After a long Friday commercial shoot, the marketing department was excited for a fun weekend at Generation Beauty by Ipsy- work related, of course! All the leading makeup companies and Youtube beauty gurus under one roof (including our favorite, Nicole Guerriero!).

Why was Affinitas there? Besides having to snag Benefit’s new eyeliner, there’s definitely some marketing potential at this beauty event: up-and-coming bloggers and Youtube vloggers, new product launches and a spunky, open audience.

beautygengirlsgrafiti wallYoutubers


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Happy Mother’s Day!

Hope all you mother’s had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend! I know I did as I sipped on bottomless mimosas with my dearest mom for Sunday brunch.


Friday at the Affinitas office was just what we all needed to kick-off the weekend. Natalie, an employee within the logistics department, was surprised by her “into the wild” baby shower! The break room was crawling with monkeys and bears… oh, my!


In other news, AOL style gave the fashion world a sneak peek at our Autumn/Winter 2014 collection in just under 3 minutes! I don’t want to spoil it all, but you can it watch here. Parfait was also featured on BuzzFeed Style and ranked as a gorgeous lingerie brand for busty women!

Before I end this post I just want to let everyone know that our catalog is looking pretty snazzy! Our sales rep said that it’s by far our best catalog thus far! Great way to start the spring season.

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Spring/Summer 2015 Catalog Shoot

Happy Cinco De Mayo, Senoritas! I know I was M.I.A. last week, but with good reason. We were ONLY shooting our Spring/Summer 2015 catalog in Beverly Hills! Affinitas is so excited to see and share with you the final piece!

Let me begin by introducing you to the homes- or shall I say mansions?- where we shot. We had the privilege of working with returning crew, such as our photographer Damir and videographers Nick and Moses.

home4  home2

In a previous blog, I was crying up a storm when I could not find our Parfait model. Luckily, our Parfait model for the past two seasons (don’t quote me) was available. I think everyone at Affinitas can agree when I say that Ashley’s body is one-of-a-kind!

ashley We welcomed new talent, as well: Natalia as the new face of Affinitas and make-up artist Patrick Ta! Patrick went for a natural look by going easy on the foundation and by giving the ladies a heavenly glow.

natalia makeup

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Special Delivery From Paris!

We received a first class special delivery! Our sets of lingerie for Spring/Summer 2015 were sent to us last week from Paris. What did you expect? Every fashionista knows that Paris gives birth to fashion, and every fashionista should know that Affinitas only accepts the best.


I spy with my little eye a lot of florals and pastels in our Spring/Summer 2015 catalog.  I am thrilled to introduce the world to some newcomers, including oldies but goodies- like our favorite polka dot set “Sienna”.

We will be presenting our new collection to our sales team at our kick-off meeting late April, which will be held in our remodeled show room. Yes, people. We have finally finished buying and building furniture for the show room (A.K.A the pink room). It is definitely a vast improvement from the before picture I posted in a previous blog. Besides the hot pink walls, you can’t even tell it’s the same room.


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Campaign Launch

Happy Monday, ladies- and gents? Don’t want to be rude and not acknowledge the men in the house! ;-)

Affinitas was in a bit of a time crunch last week, and the insanity will continue on to this week. The execution of our campaigns has been assigned to Wednesday! Not sure about everyone else’s hands on Friday, but mine were glued to the keyboard. I am days away from being diagnosed with carpal tunnel… just kidding. Creating contest rules and website content is no joke, but we are thrilled to finally get this campaign up and going for Affinitas, Parfait and our new Cupcake Panty!

If you’re not following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram- start! Starting Wednesday,  everyone will have the opportunity enter sweepstakes for a chance to win various prizes that range from a set of lingerie to a year supply of beautiful bras and panties!

Aside from our campaign launch, we have been searching for our catalogs’ next shoot location. So many places in Los Angeles to choose from- house, building, museum or garden? With the shoot date approaching, June and I will need to go visit some potential places this week. I’ll keep you all posted on our location visits via Twitter. Let me know what you all think. Have a great week, all!

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 12.27.29 AM Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 12.26.49 AM

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Model Material

Good morning, everyone! I am ecstatic to announce that we have found our Affinitas model for our spring/summer 2015 catalog! It was a difficult decision since all the long-legged candidates were “model material”, but our girl was the perfect fit. I would like to introduce you all to Natalia Barulich!

natalia 3










Are you killing yourself because you can’t recall where you’ve seen her before? Well if you’ve seen Britney Spears’ “Work Bitch” music video then you probably saw Natalia being whipped by thee infamous Britney Spears, or perhaps you’ve spotted Natalia’s ads with Verizon, Reebok or Samsung. Natalia has ten years of modeling experience, so there’s a possibility you’ve stopped and glanced at her perfect body.

natalia 4natalia 2









After offering Natalia the position, everyone at Affinitas served themselves a plate of ceviche! This is probably my most favorite dish ever, and everyone at Affinitas loves it!

cevicheThe Recipe

  • imitation crab
  • cooked shrimp
  • cucumber
  • green chile
  • cilantro
  • tomato
  • onion
  • limes

Once everything is mixed in a bowl and soaked in lime, place a large spoonful on a tostada. Bon appetite!

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Flaws and All

Happy Monday, all! Casting takes place this week, but I had a few long-legged ladies drop by earlier last week (date mix-up). As they introduced themselves, I thought to myself “um, where’s the girl from the picture I asked to come in?”. I realized I, like millions of other women, had forgotten that models never look as they appear in magazines. Now, this does NOT mean that these ladies were hideous. It was just an eye-opener. We criticize our bodies and faces by comparing ourselves to something that isn’t real.

These women were petite, but had flaws like every woman on this planet. From celulite to poorly performed augmentations- you name it! But, I will say that these models were STILL confident. Instead of judging our imperfections, let’s embrace our blessings. :)




Since we’re still in the process of executing our campaigns and there isn’t much to report currently, I thought I’d take this moment to introduce my confident team players. After all, I do speak of them sporadically throughout my posts. We’re almost outta here!

kris 1juneangelscarlett steph1

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New Panty, New Campaign

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I know I did!

A relaxing weekend in Santa Barbara was a must after last week’s intense brainstorm meeting. If you follow us on Facebook, you know all about Affinitas new Cupcake Panty. If you don’t, where the heck have you been? I’ve only been talking about it for the past month or so. Let’s all get with the program. :)

project Anyways, the meeting. Intense, but what do you expect when you’re bringing a new, fun panty into the market? We need to launch a campaign just like any other product: a logo, social media presence, contests, events, advertisement, the whole sha-bang! It can be quite draining, but SO much fun and rewarding at the end!

Next on the agenda is finding a model for the Affinitas and Parfait catalog for spring/summer 2015. Affinitas, not a problem (34B bust). Parfait, problem (34E bust). This will definitely be a mission considering we are looking for all natural women. Once I find my two models, I’ll need to find a shoot location. I’m thinking a botanical garden. We shall see what the future has in store for us.


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Another One Bites the Dust

Happy Monday, all! Daylight saving time has a few of us in the office with our head on the desk (yawn), so please disregard any typos or grammatical errors! We are NOT drunk. ;)

Let me begin by saying thank you to Sweet Nothing NYC for writing  a somewhat positive review for our Lingerie Fashion Week show. Although our presentation had shown promise, our show’s tardiness has been marking us down a few points. We greatly apologize for the delay (shout out to the ladies in heels!).

In other news, Affinitas marketing department has had their thinking cap on since their return from New York: new campaign,  new webpage, new logo design and, for the first time, a new street promo. I’d love to share, but it’s strictly confidential…. oh, what the heck. I love a tease, and these new graphics!

love boobs

What’s also new is the remodeling of our showroom! We hope it’ll be complete before we start casting for our next catalog models, which I will keep you all posted on. I’ve already received modeling packages, and, boy, is it hard to pick and choose when every woman in your email is gorgeous! I’ll definitely need your help. Have a good week, everyone!

room 3

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A New York Weekend

We know, we know- we skipped last week’s blog, but with good intentions! We promise.

We were in New York City last weekend popping bubbly with the Affinitas models backstage for Lingerie Fashion Week (LingerieFW), and setting up for CurveNY. Sounds fabulous, right? Think, again.

The Affinitas team loves hosting events (especially at LingerieFW), but being backstage is like being in a whole different world: dealing with electrical issues, sequence of events causing a delay in attendance, missing models, backstage always being overcapacity, etc. See, not so fabulous. 



In the end, we always toast to another successful show at Lingerie Fashion Week. The show began two hours late, but it was “rather impressive” according to a review released by Fashion Times. For the night, Affinitas partnered with Always for its “Always Confident” campaign, which gave women the chance to take home Affinitas Packaged Panty. Aside from showcasing Affinitas and Parfait styles, Pharrell Williams’ upbeat song “Happy” introduced Affinitas new Cupcake Panty line on the runway! This was the secret aftershow we couldn’t spill the beans about before, but now we can finally share it with you! 5

4    6                                       7

The Cupcake Panty was showcased at CurveNY the following day, but had already made appearances at MODA U.K and Salon International de la Lingerie! The panties are packaged in an adorable cupcake silhouette box that you’ll probably want to keep for decoration either on your desk or in your room. We know you’re going to love the entire Cupcake Panty collection, which will be available in thong and hipster style!

10 11





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February Madness

Lingerie Fashion Week Check List
Invitations, check.
Gift bags, check.
Models, check.
YOU, check.

That’s right, YOU! We have been working so darn hard these past few weeks preparing for Lingerie Fashion Week (LFW), we want to share it all with you… LIVE! From backstage to the runway, our social media specialist, Jesslynn, will be sharing pictures and videos via Instagram at #AffinitasVIP on February 22 at 4 p.m. EST. Tune in to get professional beauty tips from Affinitas hair stylists, makeup artists and models!

Before hitting the runway, Affinitas and Parfait have made a few appearances in some of your favorite magazines this month. To name a few, Essence featured the Danielle Bralette and High Waist Briefs and you can find Affinitas Amandine in Life & Style Weekly.

essence content

life and style content









As you can see, everyone at Affinitas has been busy with LFW around the corner. Our hands have gone numb from mailing out over 500 invitations (check out June’s desk) and filling 150 gift bags with lingerie. This will be our best show yet, so it’s worth the must-needed manicure!

Pssst… a little birdie even told us there’s going to be a surprise aftershow. We’d stay put after the show if we were you.

June's Desk
Some of us still had some feeling in our hands to pick up Valentine’s Day goodies for the office. So much love at Affinitas, today! Hope you’re all having a fabulous Valentine’s Day, too! XOXO

vday goodies

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What a month!

Whew can you believe there is only one day left to the first month of 2014? Where has the time gone! We have been so busy preparing for all the tradeshows, with Salon International de la lingerie ending this past weekend in Paris, we are on full speed preparing for the other shows.   England, Vegas, and New York here we come!

Besides tradeshows in January, it is also a great time for us in terms of media exposure.  As we had mentioned, our beautiful “Ida” and “Fiona” made it onto the season 2 premiere episode of “The Carrie Diaries.”  Lead character Maggie Landers was trying to decide which she wanted to wear for a special night with her boyfriend, what a tough choice to make!  Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 10.42.42 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 10.44.05 PM

Besides landing a national debut on television this month, our favorite day is coming up next month and we are receiving a lot of love from popular magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, ESSENCE, and REDBOOK .  We’re also expecting more features, we’ll let you know about those in the coming posts.

Cosmopolitan_ParfaitNina_Feb14 Marie Claire_ParfaitNina_Feb14

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Happy Friday everyone!

Sorry for the delay in our posts we have been so busy this month but we have a lot of great news to share!  First off, today is a very exciting day for us as our Affinitas Ida Bustier in Black and our Parfait Fiona Padded Camisole in Red are going to be on “The Carrie Diaries” tonight so remember to tune in to the CW to catch it.

Not only is our product making a national debut on television, our lovely Nina in cameo pink is featured


in their “Fun Fearless Finds Under $50.”  And on top of all that great news, we have trade shows lined up in Paris, England, Las Vegas and New York to showcase  our beautiful AW14 products.  With tradeshow season, it also means its time for Lingerie Fashion show where we will have our exclusive runway show.

Now for one more important yet secretive update.  We were at a photoshoot yesterday but what we were doing is still top secret as the product is not available to consumers yet but what I can say is we had a very beautiful model whom you may recognize if you recall a certain Parfait catalog of ours.  She made our products look fantastic on her and really helped it shine.

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Wrapping everything up for 2013

Wow New Year’s is right around the corner! It felt like we were celebrating the arrival of 2013 not too long ago and now we are saying goodbye to it and preparing for 2014.  This year has been great for Affinitas as we see our company continuing to expand to more stores and more countries.  Our Parfait line literally expanded in cup and in band size and we are proudhappy new year to offer band size starting at 28 and up to K cup.

Besides the cup size expansion, we have had some other great milestones in our company such as having our first exclusive runway show at LingerieFW, moving offices in both U.S and U.K, holding our first “Affinitas Women D-Serve” contest, seeing celebrities such as Sharon Stone wearing our products in  popular magazines and much more!  We are excited to see what 2014 will hold for the company as we expect to see steady growth and more and more women wearing our products.

Cheers to all our fans out there, may you have a healthy and prosperous 2014!

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Great news!

It’s arrived! I am not talking about Christmas presents (though that would be nice too) but I am talking about fresh off the printer, our Autumn/Winter catalogs! Our graphic designer June has been telling us how nice it was going to be and how pretty the pictures are and yup she is right, its b-e-a-u-tiful.  We can’t wait to get this into the hand of our retailers so they can see all the pretty items they will have on their shelves next season! We would love to show you some pictures but its still confidential for now, but be on the lookout, we’ll be posting them very soon. 

Our PR rep has also confirmed some great news, our products are going to be featured on national television! We don’t want to give it away just yet but when we get closer to the date in January, we will let you know what show it is for.  For now the only tip we’ll give is that its on the CW Network.

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An exciting week for us

This week is very exciting for us as we have so many new things! We have officially moved into our new office, equipped with a showroom, multiple offices and most importantly a gigantic warehouse to store our goods.  The move is crucial to us as we continue to expand our brand to different countries and we need all the room we can get to hold the goods! And best of all, we are only a mile away from our old office so no major changes for everyone in regards to commute (which in L.A can be pretty hard at times)!

Besides the news of us moving, we are also excited to finally release information about our Autumn/Winter 2014 collection! We just sent out a few pictures to the media and we look forward to them publishing our pictures in their publication.  We have really stepped it up in regards to our lifestyle pictures (as you may recall we shot them in beautiful homes located in the Hollywood Hills) and we are especially proud of how gorgeous everything came out.

Last but not least, we have also been featured in Cosmopolitan’s 18 Gorgeous Bras For Big BustsCosmopolitan_ParfaitOdette_Dec13The article has already received a lot of attention from viewers who agree that women who are full busted have a harder time finding bras and we are honored to be included in the list!

Read about it here

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Making the big announcement tomorrow!

We selected the winner of the “Affinitas Everyday Women D-serve” contest last week and on Saturday we gave her quite the surprise! I can’t reveal her name yet but we had a blast letting her know she won because we not only had a gigantic check printed for her, we also surprised her with news coverage! We had a reporter from FOX do a story on her and our retailer Sherrie from “Necessities by Sherrie” presented her with the check and did a fitting on her to make sure we get her the right size when we send her those 12 sets of lingerie!

The nominator, who was the friend of the nominee told her she was taking her to “get a final interview” for the contest but it was just a cover-up to get her to the store to get her prize.  The winner was very surprised when she found out that she won, she was there to share the joy with her son as well as husband so it was a great moment for everyone involved! We hope to do surprises similiar to this one as there are so many deserving women out there, they all deserve to be celebrated.

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Winner Selected

Boy do I have some great news! Well actually its confidential news but I’ll give you the gist of it.  We have selected the winner of our Affinitas “Everyday Women D-serve” contest!  And for the first time in Affinitas history, we are really going all out to announce it.  I wish I could give more details on whHeartat we have planned but its still under wraps so once we pull this off, have no worry, I will fill this blog with pictures, details, video etc!  All of this is very exciting because we received so many amazing entries and the winner exemplifies what our contest is all about.  Her character and attitude of helping others and being selfless to educate others is what makes her a winner and she deserves to be celebrated for her work.

Stayed tuned for the details!!!





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Off to a great start

We are starting the week with a bang as our PR representatives have informed us that our products were featured in a magazine! And its not just any magazine, its Tatler, a popular Russian magazine that has had people such as Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Seyfried, KMBT_C454-20131104111337etc. grace the covers.  November’s edition of the magazine is covered by none other than Sharon Stone, who happens to be a woman of great taste as she is seen wearing out products in the shoot (please see below).  The actress looks stunning and looks absolutely fabulous for her age.

Our products not only look fabulous on celebrities, weirdlyshapedthey look great on everyone as demonstrated from the blog “Weirdly Shaped.”  The blogger not only did a series of pictures with our beautiful Alexis Babydoll (in cup size 30K) she also gave it a great review as she is quoted as saying “It’s subtle and classy and sexy and YES.  I approve.”


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Getting great coverage this week

 We were just informed today that we have been featured in “PLASTIK” a top fashion magazine in the U.K.  Our publicist said our products are in a double page spread but the magazine was actually sold out at her local department store so she hasn’t been able to get her hands on it yet, we can’t wait until she does! She has sent us this scan of the cover and one of the pages to tease us.

plastikBut being in a magazine isn’t the only good news today, our best seller “Charlotte” was reviewed by the Lingerie Addict today.  She not only reviewed the product but loved it so much that she did a photoshoot with it as well! Kudos to her for thinking of such a clever way to showcase the products :)

lingerie addict

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Catalog almost done!

It seems like just yesterday we were at the photoshoot, actually it was just last weekend but guess what? Our Autumn/Winter 2014 catalog is actually almost done! Our graphic designer is putting on the finishing touches to it and it is looking bea-u-tiful.  She really outdid herself this time and expanded her creativity to a whole new level and the end results really shows all the time and effort put in.  We can’t wait until we send this off to print and when the hard copies begin arriving.  This catalog will be amazing!

Here’s a little preview of what AW14 has in store :)

Besides finishing up the catalog, our contest is coming to an end! Once the last date to vote arrives (Oct. 31) we will hand over the stories of the top contestants and we will collaborate with our wonderful guest judges to choose the winner.   Make sure to get in your vote today if you haven’t voted yet! Six more days to go.

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Photoshoot day 3: Studio

Now that we took all the glamorous pictures its time to get down to the simple white background product shots! We are doing Affinitas pictures in the morning and Parfait in the afternoon.  While it is Columbus day, we are all working our butts off to finish shooting everything while trying our best to leave on time! It sounds like mission impossible but we’ll pull it off! We are at 1906 Studios today working with Chris and Selig, photographers we have worked with last season as well.  They are a great duo and gets us the results we want in a fast amount of time.

IMG_0136 IMG_0142 IMG_0140

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Photoshoot day 2: Sherman Oaks

We are up bright and early again today to shoot the Affinitas Catalog.  Our lovely model Amanda will be the star today with the same team from yesterday.  Amanda is very pretty with her great looks and slender body, she makes it tough to narrow down the pictures when all of them look so great! We have the same team today from yesterday but we are in a different location.  This time we are shooting at a one story house with a monochrome theme, we specifically chose this house so our products would stand out more and boy do they! Amanda and the products look great and Davee did it again with his magical make-up and hairstyles, Amanda just looks fabulous.

IMG_0102 IMG_0103 IMG_0125Untitled-1

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Photoshoot day 1: Hollywood Hills

Today we are shooting our Parfait Autumn/Winter catalog in the beautiful hills of Hollywood at a beautiful two-story house.  We have our lovely model Ashley returning from our Spring/Summer 2014 catalog and the same photographer, make-up artist and videographer as well.  Its like we are having a little reunion from the last shoot which doesn’t feel like it was that long ago!

We have a lot of beautiful collections to shoot today, we have a variety of new collections and a lot of new recolors for the previous collections.  Ashley makes all of our products look even more beautiful when she adorns them on her body and everyone just watches in awe at her beauty. We also have a breathtaking backdrop as we get a great view of Los Angeles and blue clear sky to further enhance everything.  Don’t just take my word for it, take a look for yourself!IMG_0001



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Hello October!

We are ready to face the month of October, as hectic as this month will be, we are prepared! This is going to be another awesome photosoot, not to mention we will also be shooting on the weekend for the first time!  We have the models, the locations and the perfect team to make magic together. Bring on October :)

anti bridezillaSpeaking of October, this year will come to an end in a blink of an eye it feels like, for those that are planning to get married around the holiday season, may we suggest reading The Anti Bridezilla Fall 2013 Bridal Must Have’s .  They also happen to feature our collections so do peruse over! Our collections are perfect whether under your beautiful wedding dress or for your honeymoon.

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One location confirmed, one more to go!

We have confirmed one location so far and that is where we will be shooting the Affinitas catalog shoot.  We are so excited for it, the place is great because the architecture of it and the furnishings will go perfect with our AW14 line and the products will really pop.  Now we just need to find another location for Parfait and narrow down the models.  We are almost there!
In even more exciting news, we just submitted a product prototype for the approval of the design department.  We have been working hard on it for quite some time and hope we can get it approved in time for our AW14 catalog.  We can’t tell you what it is yet but it’s going to be a sweet deal ;)!

Speaking of sweetness, our Allison (Affinitas) and Alexis (Parfait) were featured in “Inside Weddings” article on “Wedding Style: Slimming Shapewear and Undergarments“.  Great read for any to-be Brides out there!  inside weddings


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She may be the one!

We are holding another model casting today, and we had one that we think would be great for our catalog.  We still have more to come so we won’t put all our eggs in one basket just yet! ;)

We had a great review come in today and its the first review for our Charlotte 28″ band.  We are honored to have Miss Underpinnings, Cecily, review the Charlotte Padded Bra in dusty pink and the highwaist brief.  miss underpinningsMight we add that she looks fabulous in the matching set!

In other news, our retailers winning the Intima Gala awards were recently featured in Lingerie Insight, congrats to all the winners! Keep up the good work.

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In the midst of preparing for AW14

Time for another update on what’s going on in the company! We have been holding model castings on a weekly basis as we continue to search for the girl with the perfect looks for our next catalog, we have more coming tomorrow and we hope we find our Cinderella soon! We also received a huge shipment of goods this week with items perfect for the fall! newly arrived aug 30Camilla, Celine, Georgina, Anjelica (my personal fav.) and Danielle have arrived! All the images with models are Affinitas and product only images are Parfait.  Cute no? Make sure you look for them in your local boutique!

charlotte review

Speaking of cute, our Charlotte and Clarissa received some great reviews from bloggers across the world! We have Scarlet’s Letter from the U.S and Vita Di Moda from the U.K. Click on picture to read all about it.

Vita Di Moda_Affinitas Intimates_05SEP13



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August is coming to an end already?!

Wow this month really flew by with all the tradeshows and stuff, we can’t believe September is right around the corner! And to close out August with a bang, what better way to end it than with two features in two popular magazines? Our Danielle in Dusty rose was featured in Contemporary Bride as pieces to wear for your honeymoon. AD TEMPLATE-single And our Leslie was selected one of the Best T-Shirt Bras by Seventeen magazine!


Now that tradeshow season is over, the search begins again with models, and locations.  We have already seen quite a few models but we are still waiting for that perfect one who will really help accentuate our products.  It really is a lot harder than it sounds but finding a model who has the look we are after isn’t easy! And we have been to a few locations to see where we want to shoot the catalog and we have seen some very beautiful homes.  We are still narrowing down the locations, stay tuned for updates on our quest to finding the perfect model and location!


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We’re in Harper’s Bazaar!

Our fabulous retailer Full Beauty has featured our beautiful Danielle Contour bra in Dusty Rose in their ad in Harper’s Bazaar.  The pink just stands out so much, we absolutely love it Harper's Bazaar Overlap Thank you Full Beauty!


In more feature news, our fan favorite Charlotte was included in Elizabeth Dale’s THE BREAST LIFE’s Back of School Shopping Bra ABC’s, to read the article go to , to read specifically about the Charlotte bra,  the breast life click on the image.

We are exhibiting in Las Vegas this week at the Curve show at the Venetian hotel.  This will be our last tradeshow for the year and now we have to start preparing for next season! The search has already begun for the next catalog model and we are looking for the photoshoot location, its a lot easier than it sounds but its really hard especially since we are looking for the perfect locations to showoff our AW14 collections.



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Exhibiting @ MODA & Curve

We have just wrapped up our tradeshow in the Birmingham with Moda, the largest trade fashion show in the United Kingdom.  We had a great reception there with plenty of foot traffic to our booth which of course we had to take some pictures of to give you a better idea of what it looked like.

photo(5) photo(4) photo(3)


We were also exhibiting at the Curve show in New York which also was very successful as many buyers stopped by our booth to check out our SS14 samples.



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Marie Claire!

We received some very exciting news today, our beautiful Danielle Shorty has been featured in Marie Claire’s biggest issue of the year alongside Emilion Pucci, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and more in “Shop the Shoot: Sweet Georgia May.”

Marie Claire OverlapAnd not to mention our runway show is featured in Lingerie Journal with some great pictures from the showlingerie journal

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We’re on Galtime

Our “Everyday Women D-Serve” top 20 contestants are getting a lot of votes and to help them generate even more votes and help get their story out there, our guest judge Galtime has created a lovely webpage dedicated just to the contestants.  The page can be found by clicking here .galtimeWe are very excited to have all the amazing stories of our contestants featured, make sure you read through all their amazing stories and vote for the one you think is most deserving!



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Affinitas & Parfait S/S 2014 Runway at Lingerie FW

Our brands Affinitas & full busted line Parfait took the stage at the Metropolitan Suite at the Metropolitan Pavilion, introducing  to an audience of top tier press, buyers, fashion and intimates industry influentials who include: retailers Linda Lingerie Boutique, Bertha Church, and Molly and Cynthia of Livirae, bra-lebrities & stars of Lifetime’s hit tv show Double Divas. Lingerie bloggers The Lingerie Addict, That Je Ne Sais Quoi, My Little Vixen, Miss Underpinnings and more attended the show.  Star of NUVOtv’s “Curvy Girls” reality show and plus size model, Denis Bidot, artist Sacha Di Bova and musician Ariana & The Rose were also in attendance.

Download Runway and Behind the Scene Pictures

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Getting Great Exposure

Wow with tradeshow season in full throttle we are receiving a lot of great exposure on both websites, trade publication and even a newspaper!  The pictures can do all the talking, please see below:

Lingerie Insight_Aug13_Affinitas Our SS14 collections made it onto Lingerie Preview for Moda, The New York Daily News, Intima and Underlines. And our cute packaged panties were The Best Of Intima_Aug13_Affinitasreviewed by Pretty Young Thing. NY Daily news article 8 Pretty Young Thing_Review Affinitas Intimates Hipster Pack_31Jul13 FB  Underlines_Affinitas and Parfait launch_06Aug13 underlines_front_cover_119

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It was a success!

The runway show was great this past Saturday! We had more people than we expected in attendance, which mind you, had amazing guests such as: Linda Lingerie Boutique, Bertha Church, and Molly and Cynthia of Livirae, bra-lebrities & stars of Lifetime’s hit tv show Double Divas. Lingerie bloggers The Lingerie Addict, That Je Ne Sais Quoi, My Little Vixen, Miss Underpinnings and more will be attending the SS14 show, as well as Denis Bidot, plus size model and star of NUVOtv’s “Curvy Girls” reality show. Artist Sacha Di Bova and musician Ariana & The Rose.  We even had to grab extra seats with such a full house!

We started the show a bit later than expected but our models looked great and our products look fabulous on them.  We had an upbeat soundtrack to pump up the energy and our models graced the runway with our newest collections as the crowd watched intently.  The show ended close to 8pm which was followed by the after party.

Please see below for some pictures from the show, more to follow soon, stay tuned! gofobo

Our two brands




Preparing the runway!

placing the petals

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Excitement is building!

We are almost at the beginning of August and you know what that means, runway and tradeshows! We have a runway show at the fabulous Metropolitan Pavilion on August 3rd, its going to be our 2nd time there and we are very excited to have the debut of our SS14 products in New York.  The show starts at 6pm with 12 gorgeous models wearing our Affinitas and Parfait products.  The day after that is the Curve show where will we be exhibiting at booth number 212 and we just received our gigantic beautiful posters today which we will be putting up at our booth so keep an eye out for pictures to come of our booth.

In other exciting news, we have received some great reviews in several blogs, our pretty honey babydoll received some love from “Scarlet’s Letter.” Customer favorite “Charlotte” was also featured in Ali Cudby’s blog as one of the best bras under $60.

We have also announced the winner of £300 worth of store credit at our Mode City Giveaway.  Congratulations to Petits Bisous! We will have similiar giveaways at our Moda and Curve shows.

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Already in Mid July!

Wow we are already mid way through July, time is flying by as we have so many projects coming up! We have heard back from all of our top 20 entries in the “Everyday Women D-Serve Contest,” we will be making the announcement next Monday.  You won’t believe the strength and courage these women have displayed, we can’t wait for the voting to begin to show the world!

Aside from preparing the voting for the contest, we are in midst of preparing for the Curve Expo next month in New York and Las Vegas.  We have already shipped all the samples to the show and are working on the posters for our exhibit.  We have some great pictures this season, our booth is going to look awesome.

We also receivFashion Your Seatbelts_On Lingerie_15Jul13ed some more feature on our Serena collection (its getting great feedback these days!), this time it is from “Fashion Your Seatbelts” (what a cute name).  They reviewed our Serena body piece and included a lovely picture of it.



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Hectic July

So much to update on! We are barely in the second week of July and we already have so much going on! We are narrowing down the models (it’s a lot easier than it sounds!) for our runway show in New York for Lingerie FW and we are reaching out to our Top 20 entries for the contest.  We have received  some very touching responses from the contestants, we can’t wait until we launch the app so the voting can begin and the world can see what kind of awesome women are out there.

We had a great show in Paris and our products were included in Intima magazine’s trend report! We take a lot of time and effort to make sure our products are on trend and to be featured shows that our hard work is paying off.
Layout 1 Layout 1





Of course can’t forget to mention that we have received some great reviews for our products.  Our lovely Parfait collections have been featured in “Warning” Curves Ahead” and “The Curves Have It“.  No surprise both blogs are about having curves since our Parfait line is catered to full bust women! Bust Power :) Warning Curves Ahead_Wishes Granted_5Jul13

The Curves Have It_ UP to a K cup from Parfait_5Jul13







Parfait isn’t the only one getting love, Affinitas products are also catching the eye of Stylists on InStyle’s website instyleand on “the STYLE lane.

The Style Lane_ WEAR NOW Affinitas Intimates_5Jul13




We are off to a great start this July, can’t wait to see what else is to come :)

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Great day for features!

IPC MEDIA Chat Magazine_WIN A beatuiful Afinitas and Parfait set_25Jun13 IPC Media Now Magazine_WIN a Beautiful Afinitas and Parfait Set_25Jun13 IPC Media Pick Me Up_ Win a Beautiful Affinitas and Parfait set_25Jun13 IPC Media Woman's Own_WIN a Beautiful Afinitas and Parfait Set_25Jun13 IPC Media Woman's Weekly_ Win a Beautiful Affinitas and Parfait set_25Jun13 IPC Media Woman_ Win a Beautiful Affinitas and Parfait set_25Jun13Our brand name is popping up everywhere today! We are featured in Chat magazine ,
Now daily, Pick Me Up, What’s on TV, Woman’s Own, and last but not least Woman’s Weekly for a  giveaway we are doing for UK residents only to giveaway a lingerie set from IPC Media What's On TV_ Win a Beautiful Affinitas and Parfait set_25Jun13our Affinitas or Parfait collections.  We are very excited to be on so many sites and being able to gift ten winners a set from our fabulous collections.


Another feature for today is our U.K office’s move to London being featured in Lingerie Insight.  Starting this week our U.K office will no longer be in Birmingham, we are moving to beautiful London in Victoria.  We will now be closer to our retailers and hope to expand to even more surrounding  stores.


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Busy Monday!

Monday again?! Why do our bodies take so long to adjust from weekend mode back to weekday mode? Anyways! We have a busy day today as we are preparing for Lingerie FW in August and held a casting for the runway models.  We are  looking for 34B and 34D models to fit into our beautiful samples for the show and we are excited to see all the turnout.  castingThis will be our second time participating in Lingerie FW and its at the fabulous Metropolitan Pavilion in N.Y again so can’t wait until August.

While in L.A, we are busy preparing for tradeshows and for the catalogs to be mailed out. Time is flying by so quickly!  In a few days we will be exhibiting at the Mode City show in Paris, our first show to display to the world our SS14 newest collections! July and August are going to pass by so quickly.

See you soon New York, xoxo!

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Just Amazing

Our Affinitas Everyday Women contest nomination period is almost coming to an end so we wanted to look through some of the entries to see what kind of nominations we have and I am speechless.  We received some very strong and powerful stories about women who have managed to balance so much on their plate while being able to serve as a role model to others.  The stories are inspiring and make us feel truly blessed and lucky to have what we have now and appreciate the women in our life.

If you have a woman in your life that has help make who you the person you are today, you have four more days to nominate her and show her some appreciation.

To all the women out there: sister, mother, daughter, friend, co-worker, etc, thank you!!!! Heart

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